Shaun is a young male who shares a two family home in Brooklyn with his parents.  Shaun lives on the first floor and his parents on the second.  Shaun and his parents expressed that Shaun would like to live independently and to do so, Shaun asked for the assistance of his Care Coordinator to apply for an Individualized Support Service (ISS) grant. The Care Coordinator submitted all of the required documents for approval.  Shaun applied for the ISS grant on May 20, 2016 and was approved on August 1, 2016.  The family is elated about this approval. His father stated that Shaun was unable to get assistance to apply for this grant before joining PHP Care Complete FIDA-IDD Plan. No one took the time to assist him.  Now he can truly live independently.  The ISS grant will assist Shaun with his rent, as well as help him buy furniture and other needed household appliances.

Story provided by: Sheila, Care Coordinator at PHP


I support a member named Katherine who requires bilateral hearing aids. Her hearing aids were repaired four times and still failed to work, and her previous coverage only allowed for the replacement of one hearing aid. When Katherine joined PHP Care Complete FIDA-IDD Plan, I recommended that she get an evaluation with our provider for audiology and hearing aid services. She went to our provider and the hearing aids were ordered that day! A few weeks after her appointment I received an email from Katherine’s mother thanking me for all of my help in getting Katherine new hearing aids in such a timely manner. She also reported that the provider’s staff was so nice and very informative. Katherine and her family are very pleased with her new hearing aids!

Story provided by a Care Manager at PHP


Michael enjoys an active work schedule throughout the week. Michael has been working as a chef in AHRC Nassau’s Culinary Services located in Freeport, NY for over 5 years! He looks forward to assisting in cooking the food for the day’s menu and ensuring the timely delivery of food is given to his coworkers and peers who purchase their lunch every day. Michael looks also to ensure the kitchen and cafeteria is left in a clean and orderly fashion by the end of his work shift. He also enjoys working at various outside catering events. His supervisors have given him glowing reviews attesting to the value of his work ethic. When he is not working in the cafeteria, Michael has another part time job at an outside company at where he assists a maintenance crew. Michael takes great pride in being independent at both jobs and handling the various job tasks assigned to him. He greatly appreciates the support he receives from his staff in ensuring he remains a productive worker in his community.

Story provided by: Gerald, Care Coordinator at PHP


Thomas is a very kind and compassionate man who lets his gentle nature shine through. He loves spending time with his family and friends, and shares his contagious smile and laughter with those around him. Thomas works 5 days a week as a member of a maintenance crew, and takes great pride in his ability to do so. He also enjoys and excels in horseback riding, and has won many awards participating in equestrian events in the Special Olympics. Thomas also has a girlfriend, and during his recent Life Plan meeting, he expressed that he would like to treat her to dinner and a movie. Thomas’ care coordination team is working to support Thomas in making this hope a reality.

Story provided by: Diane, Director of Care Coordination at PHP


I haven’t gotten to vote before. I want to express my right to vote because this is a very important Presidential year. My Care Coordinator at PHP helped me register. I am going to vote this year!!!


I work at McDonald’s where I used to clean or cook. Now I am a cashier. I love where I work, especially seeing my customers every day. I know most of them by name. With the money I make at McDonald’s, I am saving to buy a sound system – I’d like to be able to DJ at parties someday. I love being able to walk to work, and I also take the train to Brooklyn to visit my grandma.

Additional Stories

  • One of our members lives in the community with his 90 year old mother. A medical work up was required in order to make an accurate diagnosis for him. He needed appointments with a psychiatrist and neurologist. The Care Manager set up both appointments, and accompanied our member and his mother to both appointments in order to help the mother communicate accurate information about his problems and his current medications. When he needed an MRI, the Care Manager held his hand and kept him calm to ensure that the procedure was successful. The Care Manager and Care Coordinator are now assisting the family in getting him respite services. They were also able to get him some adaptive equipment that was needed.

  • Alfred’s Care Coordination team helped him identify that he wanted more communication with his sister-in-law, and that he could purchase and use an iPad to make it happen.  After he purchased the iPad, I asked him if he was able to see his sister-in-law and he smiled and said, ‘YES, I FaceTime!’  It’s so nice that our recommendation is making him so happy!!! I’m sure his sister in Florida is thrilled with being able to talk to him and see him on a regular basis. He is also very comfortable in his new custom-made wheelchair.

  • An older woman that we support lives in a residence. When she was hospitalized last month, the Care Manager visited her often, and was able to assist in her discharge plan back to the residence.

  • We support a young man living in a residence. During the assessment process, the Care Manager and Care Coordinator learned what is most important to him and his family. He is looking forward to his team meeting, which he will run. He has chosen the people he wants to attend the meeting, which include his family, his house manager, and one of his favorite staff. He is excited about his goals and dreams that he will be working on, which include moving to another house.